Dog Yoga and Meditation

Paws And Flow

Paws and Flow Dog Yoga and Meditation is a class designed to increase the benefits and enhance the bonds dogs and their owners share. The practice combines yoga inspired techniques such as meditation, breathing, and energy work, along with movements designed to both physically and mentally benefit both humans, and their canine participants. Some of the benefits of Paws and Flow include:

•Giving your dog the experience of being around other dogs in an atmosphere that is peaceful

and calm as opposed to a dog park which can be chaotic and stressful

•Energy work and meditation techniques for you that your dog will not only feed off of, but can

actually assist you with

•Basic yoga skills that can help you start a practice with a companion that brings unconditional

love and positive energy

•Techniques that will teach you how to use your dog as an assistant to life skills such as

restriction, unconditional love, and drawing good energy into your life

•Bonding time for you and your dog that is holistic and can make a positive impact on both your lives.


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